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July 2019
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00:57 [31/08] Our new freeware PDF star atlas - "Beginners Star Atlas"

Let us introduce our new free PDF atlas -
"Beginners Star Atlas"

21:04 [30/04] New AJAX-chat module announced

Glad to anounce the new AJAX-chat nodule of our eProject CMS.
The main features of AJAX-chat module:
no page refreshes
no frame structure, possibility to integrate chat into the any complex website design
downloading of only new messages (traffic economy)
very fast working speed (great usability)

23:35 [14/04] AJAX technology elements in CMS eProject

We are glad to announce the first realisation of AJAX technology elements in our eProject CMS.
The first realisation of AJAX is the internal mailing system. The is no need to reload page to send internal messages now.
We will proceed to implement the AJAX solutions in our products.

15:07 [18/03] Photoblogs - the new eProject CMS module!

Photoblogs - the new eProject CMS module available!

14:20 [16/01] The New version of free eProject Filemanager 2.0 is available!

The New version of free eProject Filemanager 2.0 is available!
New features list:
Remote text (HTML code) editor for emmideate static websitу pages edition
Simple code insertion toolbox in the text editor
Some little bugs fixed

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